Enzymology and glycobiochemistry

Team : GlycoBio&Chemistry

Group : Enzymology & Glycobiochemistry

Group of Dr. Malika MEKHALFI, and Prof. Pierre LAFITE


Sugars, or carbohydrates, are molecular components that are not only essential to our diet but also a crucial part of life itself. Alone or associated to proteins or lipids, they also play a central role in cell interactions with many other biological entities (other cells, viruses, bacteria, …) These glycoconjugates  are thus involved in many pathologies, such as cancer, diabetes, or tuberculosis. However, the understanding of these phenomenons is hard to reach due to the great diversity, in both nature and linkage of these compounds.

Cellular interactions mediated by sugars

Research developed in Enzymology and Glycobiochemistry group is focused on the development of innovative biocatalysts (enzymes), that allow to produce specific glycosides of interest. This compounds, obtained under mild synthesis conditions, will be used in many application fields, such as pharmaceutics or cosmetics.

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Région Centre Val de Loire / APR2020 Cosmétosciences / Labex SYNORG