Thio- and glycochemistry

Team : Organic Synthesis - GlycoBio&Chemistry

Group : Thio- and Glycochemistry : unusual thiofunctions in glycochemistry

Team of Prof Arnaud Tatibouët et du Dr Marie Schuler


Our research areas link Sulfur chemistry and Glycochemistry in elaborating original and uncommon chiral architectures, functions and reactivities. Our chemistry is focused on three main research’s stream:

  • sulfur containing secondary metabolites, especially glucosinolates: synthesis, extraction and biosynthesis;
  • carbohydrate engineering with sulfur as a key atom to form new heterofunctions, to create C-C bonds on carbohydrate backbones, or to incorporate new protecting groups;
  • renewable polyhydroxylated synthons obtained from raw materials and simple itols, such as glycerol to develop biosourced synthons for the preparation of oligomers of glycerol as novel additives for industrial and fine chemistry applications.