Analytical Strategy, Affinities and Bioactives

Analytical Strategy, Affinities and Bioactives

Team leader  Prof. Reine NEHMÉ

Research team : Dr. Pierre-Eric CAMPOS, Dr. Agnès CHARTIER, Dr. Bérengère CLAUDE, David DA SILVA, Pr. Emilie DESTANDAU, Dr. Christelle DUFRESNE-FAVETTA, Dr. Eric LESELLIER and Pr. Caroline WEST

Our research group « Isolation, Analysis of Bio-active Molecules” of ICOA has an extensive knowledge in trace analysis of molecules with biological interest such as amino-acids, neuro-transmitters, antiviral nucleosides, peptides, and sulfated polysaccharides as carrageenans and cyclodextrins in complex media such as biological fluids, and has been recognized for many years for its activity. This knowledge is now applied to the development of new methods of isolation, characterization, identification and quantitation of primary and secondary metabolites in plants, due to the privileged partnership between the University of Orleans and the Cosmetic Valley center for competitiveness.

Because of its strong involvement in research projects of interest in cosmetics, the team actively animates the structuring of academic research at the national level, particularly through the GDR 3711, Cosm'actifs, created by the CNRS in january 2015.

The theme of the team comes in 4 main activities: