Analytical Techniques Platform

General Overview :

The main responsibility of ICOA's Analytical Techniques Platform, is to offer an analytical support to the Institute's organic synthesis teams. Additionally, it is open to academic and industrial partners, proposing external analytical services.

Furthermore, it allows the realization of chromatographic separations coupled to various detection techniques: LC-UV, LC-UV-ELSD, LC-UV-MS or GC-FID in order to separate synthesized compounds, to detect possible impurities and to identify them by mass spectrometry.

This requires the optimization of the separation and the identification conditions applied to a diverse variety of molecules, including those synthesized in the laboratory such as heterocycles, sugars or nucleosides.

A preparative liquid chromatography system with UV and ELSD detections allows the isolation and the purification of various products (few mg) in which later, can be investigated for possible biological activities.

The platform is also equipped with optical spectroscopy instruments: IR, UV, fluorometer and polarimeter.