HRMS Platform

General overview:

The HRMS platform (FR 2708) is the result of the Research Federation "Physics and Chemistry of Life" (PCV), created in 2004. It brings together two laboratories in Orléans:

  • ICOA: Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry, UMR CNRS 7311
  • CBM: Center of Molecular Biophysics, UPR CNRS 4301


The platform has two UHR-Q-TOF instruments, one located at the CBM and the other at the ICOA.


At ICOA, the UHR-QTOF instrument is equipped with a CID fragmentation module, mainly used for the structural characterization of small molecules.

This instrument can be coupled with various existing chromatographic systems (UHPLC, nanoUHPLC, SFC and CE) and has a number of different sources: ESI, nanoESI, APCI and APPI, which allows the ionisation of a very wide range of compounds.


The platform also has access to

  • a pipetting machine for performing colorimetric or enzymatic tests, for pharmacokinetic studies via sample repair by solid phase extraction
  • a UV-Visible and fluorescence plate reader


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