Biosourced synthons : glycerol & anhydroitols as raw material for fine chemistry

Starting from renewable itols such as glycerol we are developing synthons able to polymerise and give access to oligo- and poly-glycerols in a controlled manner.

We have developed selective functionalisations of tosyl and mesyl glycerolcarbonate aiming at elaborating glycero-synthons ready for oligomerisation and polymerisation. We have also developed in collaboration with Prof Ronaldo Nascimento (Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Recife - Brazil) a program about glycerolcarbonate anchored on carbohydrate templates through environmentally benign catalysis.

By analogy, anhydroitols easily prepared from raw materials, are materials of choice to prepare enantiopure dimers of glycerol.

Program supported by: La Région Centre Val de Loire