Quick start

The PKIDB interface allows both filtering and sorting options.

1. Filtering

Use the filters above each column of PKIDB to filter and limit table data. See table below for examples of numerical and string filters.

All available operators are: <, <=, >, >=, =, *, !, {, }, ||, &&, [empty]

Column Query Description Column Query Description
Phase =4 Select approved inhibitors LogP >5 Select inhibitors having LogP > 5
First_approval <=2010 Select inhibitors approved until 2010 NRB >5 && <9 Select inhibitors having 5 < NRB > 9
INN_Name tinib} Match data ending with search term: select tyrosine kinase inhibitors pdbID {5 Match data starting with search term: select the inhibitors that were cocrystalised for the first time in 2016 (PDB ID starting with a five)
Canonical_Smiles C(=O)N* Partial match: select inhibitors having amide bond Applicants novartis || bayer Select Novartis OR Bayer inhibitors
Targets CDK4 && CDK6 Select CDK4 AND CDK6 dual inhibitors Chirality !Achiral Molecule Select chiral inhibitors

2. Sorting

All fields of the PKIDB are sortable by clicking on the column header.