Separative techniques laboratory

General Overview :

The joint service for analyses is a laboratory that brings support to the Organic Chemistry groups of the Institute. Separation and spectroscopic techniques are performed as follow up of synthesis reactions.

Numerous high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) hyphenated to various detectors such as UltraViolet-Diode Array (UV-DAD), Evaporative  Light Scattering Detector (ELSD), and mass spectrometer simple quadrupole or time of flight (MS, MS-ToF) are used.

These hyphenated techniques allow the separation of the synthetized compound from possible impurities, also its identification and, isolation if needed.

Due to the large diversity of the synthetized molecules, such as heterocycles, sugars, nucleosides, the optimization of the separation and identification conditions is necessary.

Isolation of few mg of synthetized molecules is performed using a semi-preparative HPLC system. These purified compounds are then subjected to biological tests.

Standalone spectroscopic techniques such as FTIR, UV and a Polarimeter are also available.