Project I: Nucleosides - Heterocycles - Molecular diversity

Our team specializes in organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry mainly of nucleosides and their analogues. We develop different methodologies based on the tools of modern organic chemistry including metal-catalyzed chemistry (Pd, Ru, Cu), olefin metathesis, alkylation CH, under ultrasound and microwave activations and compatible with the principles of green chemistry.

The main targets are:

  • Transmembrane protein synthesis inhibitors involved in viral replication of filoviruses and other pathogenic viruses,
  • Synthesis of heterocycles targeting the HIV integrase.
  • Synthesis of heterocycles and nucleosides for inhibition of viral polymerases (active site or allosteric site )
  • Selective Inhibition of DNA glycosylases involved in the repair of oxidized purines
  • Synthesis of nucleoside analogs targeting the Flavin-Dependent Thymidylate Synthase.


Some heterocyclic structures described by our team

Some nucleosides described by our team

Some acyclonucleoside phosphonate analogs decribed by our team